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Why Do Cats Shed? Why Do Cats Shed When Under Stress? Why Do Cats Shed So Much Hair? **2021

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Why do cats shed many people ask me the question, why do cats shed so much hair when under stress, they don’t you think that cats just want to keep their ears and claws safe? Cats are no different from humans when it comes to stress. They both feel it in their bodies and tend to act as if they can take care of the problem by shoving all of the hair and fur away. The fact is, they can’t and a cat with a shaved butt and underarm fur is a scary-looking cat!

When a cat has a lot of stress in its life, it can start to lose weight. Why do cats shed when under stress? if a cat is constantly fed by a family, it can gain weight because of the extra calories and not even be aware of it. A stressed cat will eat more because it doesn’t feel the same way about the food. It can even become sick and throw up more often. This extra belly fur is left behind and if a cat isn’t brushed regularly, it will start to get tangled in the fur and shed it. If a cat is always on edge, why do cats shed so much hair it will also be more stressed out because it can’t relax. Cats have evolved for a reason and they don’t do what’s easy or good for them. If a cat is always worrying about something, it will end up being stressed and will probably act up more. If you know why do cats shed when under stress, you can better understand your feline friend. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure you are able to pinpoint what is stressing out your cat.

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